• Ways to Save Money

    *Vacation me the weekend before all of this sh*t went down. I promise better times will come again 🙂 + we can save some money along the way* We currently are in uncharted territories during the time of COVID-19. Starting 2020, we all had so much hope for this new and exciting year. We all… [Continue Reading]

    Ways to Save Money
  • How to up your Work Game

    Okay friends, it is no surprise I work a full time job. And if it is a surprise idk where you have been LOL. I have worked since I was 16 years old, I first started in retail before moving to nannying and then hospitality. I had had a ton of different jobs over the… [Continue Reading]

    How to up your Work Game
  • Beijing Travel Guide

    I cannot believe I just went on my DREAM trip to Beijing!!! This trip has been a long time in the coming and I am so glad I finally got to experience all this amazing city has to offer! I planned this trip with my little sister and we went out and did the most… [Continue Reading]

    Beijing Travel Guide
  • My Fave Nespresso Drinks

    The most requested post EVERRR is finally here. It’s crazy to think I’ve had my good ole Nespresso machine for over a year now. This bad boy feels like he’s spent an eternity with me LOL. But, I don’t know where I would be without him today…. probably in a pile of debt owed to… [Continue Reading]

    My Fave Nespresso Drinks
  • Deck the Halls with lots of Fall

    Shop my falllll decor! Deck the hall with lots of FALL! Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall, Fallll, Fall-Fall, Fall, FALLLLL. Decorating for different seasons has always been my thing. Especially since I have moved out and got my own place. I decorated for fall a little here and there in my dorm and sorority house room.… [Continue Reading]

    Deck the Halls with lots of Fall

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